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using cakes and cupcakes creatively

Planning my sister's baby shower was a very fun experience. I was able to work with her to plan so many of the elements of the shower, but the most enjoyable part of the planning was choosing what kind of cake we were going to serve. She had decided to leave the gender of the baby a surprise to everyone until the day of the shower, so we decided to use the cake as the method of letting the secret out. We went with a nice, big cupcake tower with a colored center. The cupcakes in the center of the tower were blue to let everyone know that she was having a boy! Visit my site to find out other ways to use the cakes or cupcakes at your party or shower in a creative way.

Do You Have IBS? 3 Types Of Bread You Should Order From Your Supplier

If you have IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome, your doctor may tell you to eat certain types of food to avoid irritating your digestive system. One of the best ways to get the nourishment you need without sacrificing taste is to order your breads online. A bread supplier can bake, package and ship these three types of bread that won't irritate your IBS.

Potato Bread

Potatoes are some of the food items you can eat with IBS because they contain soluble fiber. Soluble fiber is good for your digestive system because it doesn't break down easily in the small and large intestines. It also promotes healthy bowel movements, which is important for your IBS.

Your supplier can bake and ship different types of potato bread to your home. Potato bread contains white potatoes and comes in thick, easy-to-slice loaves. It's good to eat with soups or sandwiches. The best thing about potato bread is that you can freeze it to keep it fresh. 

French Bread

French bread is another delicious bread you can order from your supplier. This type of bread has a soft texture that's easily do break down in your stomach. But like potato bread, it doesn't break down easily in your intestines. 

You may choose to add different flavors to your French bread to give it more flavor. Ask your supplier about adding barley or oats to the crust of the bread when you place your order.

Pumpkin Bread

Adding pumpkin seeds and sliced pumpkin to your meals is a great way to fight off the symptoms of IBS. But eating several slices of pumpkin bread each day is better. Pumpkin bread is made from ripe pumpkins. Some types of pumpkin bread are made with bananas for a creamier texture. 

You may want to freeze any pumpkin bread you don't eat right way to keep it fresh. However, wrap the bread in aluminum foil or use a seal-tight storage bag to prevent freezer burn on your bread.


Be sure to tell your bread supplier about your IBS. The supplier may offer other types of bread you can eat that won't upset your digestive system. If possible, ask the supplier to bake specialty breads for you. The supplier can leave out the ingredients that upset your digestive system and replace them with things you can eat comfortably.

If you have questions about ordering bread, contact a local supplier like Klosterman Baking Company.